Born in 2013
  • 05
    Forex mainly, then stocks 2013

    05/2013 - Traderobotix Birth

    Forex mainly, then stocks

    A mix of Dow Theory, Elliott Wave and Fractals theory were the ingredients to start researching with trading strategies. Technical indicators and oscilators were used to identify momentum and confirm market status. The purpose was to formulate an algorithm based on technical analysis and price action.

    2013 Q2
  • 08
    Aenaon Algo 2013

    08/2013 - Algorithm formulated

    Aenaon Algo

    We have finished the design of our first algorithm and development of proprietary chart indicators. An expert advisor was produced, dataset was arranged and backtesting/forward testing started for all major FX instruments. Initial results were very positive so was the initiative to continue with the research process. Quantitative techniques were used to verify the backtesting...

    2013 Q3
  • 10
    magnis dis 2014

    10/2014 - Backtesting results analysed

    magnis dis

    After running all backtesting … … …

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