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The wealth management industry has suffered from the loss of customer trust since the financial crisis. This trust has been slow to recover in the face of continued economic uncertainties. In this environment, a number of disruptors, from automated wealth management services to social trading platforms, have emerged to provide low cost,
sophisticated alternatives to traditional wealth managers. These solutions cater to a broader customer base and empower customers to have more control of their wealth management.

Robo-advisors are improving accessibility to sophisticated financial management and creating margin pressure, forcing traditional advisors to evolve. These innovations will create pressures for the wealth management industry to improve the value delivered while broadening access to more customers.

Automated Management and Advice

Offers high-value advisory services on portfolio allocation and money management at low costs based on automated analysis.

Automates the management of a personalised investment portfolio based on individual needs. Provides aggregated view and analysis of
multiple accounts

Social Trading

Empowers individual investors to build and share investment strategies and portfolios with other investors.

Empowers individual investors to share their opinions and gain market insights from the opinions shared by the crowd.

Retail Algorithmic Trading

Enables investors to easily build, test and execute trading algorithms with limited technical knowledge and infrastructure.

Provides platforms for sophisticated investors to share trading algorithms with others.

Future of Investment Management

These innovations will create pressures for the wealth management industry to improve the value delivered while broadening access to more customers:

Disruptive innovation in wealth management pressures the industry to improve the value delivered to more customers:

Key characteristics of the future of wealth management

More sophisticated wealth management services will become available to a broader customer base, including the mass affluent and mass market customers.

Customers will gain greater visibility into their financials and how their money is invested and will be able to make adjustments to their financials more readily as more wealth management options become available.

Online and mobile channels will be increasingly leveraged to interact with customers and deliver higher value services, providing access to financial information on demand

As algorithms used in managing wealth become more sophisticated, the degree of customisation and individualisation will increase for services delivered to mass affluent and mass market customers

The cost of receiving advisory and management services will decrease as automation lowers the operating costs and new disruptive entrants spur competition in the market