Panagiotis Kourtesis

Founder & CEO

I am a Warwick Business School graduate (MSc in Finance & Economics) and a passionate developer of algorithmic trading systems. My ambition is to provide cutting edge technological financial solutions to the industry, coupled with sound statistical foundations.

Over the course of the last 8 years I have built up a rich portfolio consisting among others of: Algo Pairs Trading SolutionFractal Market Hypothesis Statistical Arbitrage Trading Solution & Statistical Sports Betting  ArbitrageTrading Solution.

As an implementation consultant to Profile Software I have gained experience in implementing investment management systems for institutional investors like Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company and Bahrain National Holding, gaining experience on integrating Investment Management Systems with Data Management Architectures.

With the advent of TraderobotiX we will endeavor to offer state of the art fintech solutions both to the institutional and retail segments of the industry.

 Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO