Anastasios Skordakis

Chief Technology Officer

I am a professional Trader with a passion for technology. I have experience in trading Forex and CFDs, based on technical analysis. My strategies incorporate automated and manual systems to scan the markets, evaluating form and shape of trends, in search for the best opportunities. My expert knowledge in managed services for the financial markets and low latency trading infrastructure has been exploited recently in a Customized Algorithmic Trading signal provision platform with Artificial Intelligence and Market Sentiment components which is under commercialization.

I have over 15 years of experience in management consulting, leading web and contract centre teams, governing an enterprise capital project portfolio, leading organizational restructuring and starting a business. I have experience of B2B & B2C marketing planning, product management, digital marketing, operations, and advertising sales.

My background also includes 10 years of leading teams of up to 30 marketing & sales professionals, training sales teams on new marketing strategies and product value propositions, and the startup of two companies (DASH kitchen furniture and AENAON portfolio management). I also have substantial international experience leading global teams.

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 Anastasios Skordakis

Anastasios Skordakis